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8X16 Storage Containers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, $100 for first 10 miles then $2.00 per mile after that.

What if my items become damaged?

This is an unlikely event, but we do recommend you contact your insurance provider, at the time of rental, to ensure that off site storage is covered with your policy. It is the tenant's responsibility to pack the unit so items are secure during the relocation process. There are multiple tie down hooks within the interior of each unit. Midcoast Properties is not responsible for items not being secured properly or damages to unit while on your property.

Do I need a lock?

Yes. Midcoast Properties does not provide the locks.  Any standard lock will work.

Can I choose to not have the unit delivered and use for storage?

Absolutely! Delivery is optional. Can store items at your home or one of our property locations.

What if I need to move my unit after it is delivered?

Additional fees apply if you need your unit moved at any time between the original drop off or when you are ready for final pick up.

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